• Cycling Speed Test

Test subjects achieved a 0.85mph increase in average speed and a 1.08mph in peak speed within a 5 minute test.

• Cycling Time Test

With Touri-on bands, the average time a athlete completes a 10KM course is 36.23 minutes. While control athletes achieve an average time of 39.37 in the same test


• Stretch & Reach Exercise

Subjects with Touri-on bands performed nearly 0.75” further, with the maximum case rated at 2”

• Sit Up & Push Up

A 12% and 17% increase in frequency is recorded respectively for wearers of Touri-on bands.


• Calories Consumption in Sport

Test subjects with Touri-on bands burns calories in an accelerated rate. Compared to the control subject, the average increase is 34% (with a maximum of 62% rated). Over time, Touri-on bands can enhance your sporting activities in terms of calories burned.

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